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We provide an intimate dining experience that is stimulating to the mind and satisfying to the sense of curiosity.

We bring our diners surprises, from discovering and exploring the unfamiliar through our perspectives on Thai cuisine and the possibilities of its identity when seen from different angles. We question the formulas of the gastronomic world, rethinking familiar social habits and preconceived ideas on what makes a dining experience.

Across 3 hours, we offer a journey that is delicious and adventurous, weaving together stories, gestures and emotions. We aim to spark curiosity that reinterprets definitions of Thai food and introduce fresh viewpoints on our culinary culture.

“Thai cuisine, pulled apart, questioned and reimagined”

Our 10 to 12 course menu is built to present a balance of Thai flavours into a series of perfect bites. Working from a foundation of Thai cuisine, we marry unfamiliar ingredients and progressive techniques to create dishes that are intricate, original and stimulating.

What goes up must come down // A rich man's meat // Crying tiger // Sorry for being crabby // Looking at tom yum prawn from far away part I // She put de lime in de coconut // Too many Italians, only one Asian // Daft Punk is playing in my mouth // Duck & Hide // Aromatic rice // Life of rice // Thai cupcake wanting to be western // Looking at tom yum prawn from far away part II // Looking at tom yum prawn from far away part III // Study of Perspective

At Small Dinner Club our pairings are not just an addition to our food but a line that completes the circle of the menu. Presenting hand crafted juices and infusions alongside matched alcoholic pairings, our drinks are curated to add an extra dimension to the dining experience.

Our space is small, humble and intimate. It captures the very essence of who we are and serves as an extension to our identity and food philosophy. Our team is a family of dedicated staff who share a desire to present an experience that is unique - one that inspires, challenges and satisfies - leaving you keen to return and do it all again.

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